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6. Utopía

Creada el 13 de enero de 2018 a las 00:19 por didemnurkurt

Proyecto: Urban Games 2017
Tema: Urban Game 1. Intro
Coordinadores: abarca dacama

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Thomas Moore

This text is a fragment of the title book, in particular the beginning of the second part, where it speaks of a very particular island inhabited by utopians, on this island there are many cities, but the author speaks of one in particular, Amarouta, a perfectly ordered city where all its inhabitants have the same possibilities, where the urban grid is the most effective communicating all areas of the city. They almost look like the characteristics of a neighborhood where its inhabitants are self-sufficient among all, and what they lack is achieved with the help of the "neighborhood next door".
A dream place, because the case is that Amarauta is so effective that the neighboring cities imitate it in many aspects until the whole island is planted with very similar areas, leaving aside the importance of the site, the orientation, altitude, topography, nature and other aspects that should be considered, since the qualities of a certain city applied to a different city may be correct, but in the vast majority of these "city templates" they end up being places uncomfortable and hostile.


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