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Proyecto: Urban Games 2017
Tema: Urban Game 1. Intro
Coordinadores: abarca dacama

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Manuel De Solá Morales

Unwin begins to reflect on functionalist urbanism: residential neighborhoods and density. In the text speaks of how important it can become the form of parceling, width of the streets and space between buildings in the layout and composition of the city.Raymond mentions two positions: formalism: urbanism that is based on the legislation of tracing and classic tradition and informalism: urbanism that relies on the place and building. According to the good urbanism would be a mixture between the two, and thus generate a balance between the two, planning that part (from the particular to the general).

From my point of view what Unwin wants to convey in this text is that the landscape bases of the urban project must be faced by realism and maturity and design the city from the materiality of its problems.


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