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2. El arte de planificar el sitio

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Proyecto: Urban Games 2017
Tema: Urban Game 1. Intro
Coordinadores: abarca dacama

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Kevin Lynch

City is a organism that is made up of humans and their activities. This organism is affected by activities and influencing activities. It is not possible that city or design can manipulate people with just one idea. Manipulate is fed from life like design and they are improving together. The reason of failure which apply urban planning is lack of process, skill and the preparation.

At the head of things to consider are human behavior and design should support human behavior. While supporting human need, it must be absorptive in ecosystem. When the design becomes a foreign object in the ecosystem, the process goes wrong. For this, it is necessary to know the land very well. We need to know what land wants from us and what we can get from it. For example, in a workshop I attended in Turkey, they tried a new process in existing architecture. The order was not the first to be heard, but maybe it was in Turkey. They were going to go to the site and spend three days trying to understand it. They personally experienced the land, felt as a user and saw what the land could give us. They eventually talked about the basic functions, and the design started after that. It is misleading to perceive land as a piece of soil.

Rom my point of view the designer should leave all the social personality on the side and become the user person. What is important in this process is not to find the truth but to find the need and to organize the activity process. Abstract targets must be embodied. Instead of searching for the answer of the question "Is this place comfortable?" It should be emphasized on items that make a space comfortable. A comfortable definition should be made from the user's viewpoint. 


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