COPENHAGEN Strategic Urban Flood Plan

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On the 2nd of July, 2011 large areas of the city of Copenhagen were flooded. Copenhagen is on the front line of climate change, experiencing increasingly heavy rain events, as they are also on the leading edge of urban innovation with a vision of transforming their city into a sustainable, C02 neutral city by 2025.
Ramboll and Atelier Dreiseitl have been invited to create a “Cloudburst Concretization Masterplan” for 8 central city catchments (Norrebro, Ladegards-aen and Vesterbro, Valby & Vanlose), encompassing a total area of 34 km². The strategy addresses key issues of flood management and water quality, while seeking to create the greatest possible synergy with the urban environment. A “cloudburst” tool box of urban interventions, such as cloudburst boulevards, cloudburst parks, cloudburst plazas, provides the basis for a dynamic and multifunctional system.
This new generation of blue-green infrastructures addresses essential city services such as mobility, recreation, safety and biodiversity, creating a strategic and feasible approach to ensure long-term resilience and economic buoyancy.
Partner in Charge: Dieter Grau
Project Manager and Lead Design: Jessica Read, Hendrik Porst
Project Engineer: Ramboll
Project Team: Jeremy Anterola, Jason Chia, Julia Dreiseitl, Josephine Flood, Chaojun Li, Falko Stengel, Shengnan Tao






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