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Proyecto: Urban Games 2017
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Gary Hustwit

In the documentary, it refers cities, their own problems, and how have they been solved or not solved. The point that I catched from documentary is being rational for problems, leaving the identitiy of architect and ego, being a person that is leaving there. For example in Mumbai, the most significant points are population growth and slums. Schools, working places, commercial areas must be able to find and able to proceed working. Users were involved the project to make their house more comfortable, more livable and more functional. Each parts of houses was designed for their priority. They usually choose the most important need is heating water, courtyards.

On the other part for Brasilia, idea is to separate out the different function, green areas, roads etc. They think it is very minimalistic, rational, ordered and separate everything out. Lucio Costa was the architect who plan the urban design for Brasilia. Unfortunately, the separating idea didn't work enough. Every single distance is very far for transportation without car. Also, there occurs traffic problem because of the situation.

In Copenhagen; the problem is traffic.Large roads, elevator highway seem to be solve the traffic problem but it does not help us. Solving the parking problem start to solving traffic problem. Other solution is like in our country, metrobus. It has own road, it has not suffer from traffic. Bicycle way is another providing road in Copenhagen. 

It has also own road and using bicycle get usable way for transportation. In my city, Eskişehir, we have our own bicycle way on the road and on the sidewalk but it hasn't work so much because it is not in route. We have some bicycle roads in a different part of the city but is is not continue.  

In Bejing: population. Yung Ho Chang think that cities are getting more and more mechanical which means when we take a walk in our city for 10-20 years ago you came across some relatives, some friends and this made you some special emotion like belonging but now, we lost the spirit the magic of the city. Streets became roads, they are not streets anymore. The real mean of livability is gone. Architect who design the city only took building from the American City and apply them to Beijing. They don't think culture, population and even energy because of the population. To take attention to energy saving, in Brighton, "Tidy Street" paint the street about information for energy loss and this make the people think about the subject.

As a result, if we have problem about city life, we need to manupulate people by architecture. We need to use architecture to people to think about critical issues because we are living in a places that surround by architectural elements but while we are doing it we need to leave arcitect identity and we need to be a person that walking those street all day, looking around, waiting for bus. 


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