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9. The Human Scale

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Proyecto: Urban Games 2017
Tema: Urban Game 1. Intro
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The Human Scale

The video begins by describing the situation that exists in the countries whose cities have started to grow recently, as in China, where they have been based on a European urbanism, causing the essence of this culture to be lost. That the cities have grown so much has meant great distances to solve, great distances that many people go through every day, losing up to 3 hours only in transport to work.

There is a very interesting topic that is spoken in the documentary, and that is that the more space is left for transport more traffic will be, however the same happens if a zone is pedestrianized, or more public spaces are added, there will be more people and more life in these places. He sets as an example to follow Copenhagen and as an example of change New York.

What is the size of the human scale? Are the new cities well oriented to create spaces with a pleasant scale? These are the questions that are posed in the video, and as a counterpoint Melbourne is cited, which through logic and wisdom has been completely revitalized after a time of decadence that seemed irreversible.


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