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1. Cityland, Ciudad de Vacaciones

Creada el 12 de enero de 2018 a las 23:32 por didemnurkurt

Proyecto: Urban Games 2017
Tema: Diálogos
Coordinadores: abarca dacama

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José Fariña

There are many cities whose economy is based on tourism: the phenomenon of turificación, in the text Fariña speaks especially of the city of Oporto, tourism seemed that it was going to be the solution for the city to recover its splendor. It was assumed that tourism would allow the recovery of certain unpopulated historic centers.
The tourism in the cities is fundamental, although when the local society is replaced, the one that has always been there, for another society that has other interests, the city is transformed, which is fine to do it, but without leaving behind certain factors elementals that have formed that city.
From my point of view, a more moderate tourism should take place, and that does not produce a disconnection between tourists and residents preserving the customs of the area so that they can survive the historic centers and not be depopulated.


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