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In this second edition of the SC2 Workshop, it is proposed to work on some of the most emblematic places in Granada due to their landscape and heritage values and their implications related to culture, tourism and the city. The climate crisis demands a paradigm shift that fosters the transition towards cities and communities that are fairer to their physical and human environment: post-growth. Specifically, the proposed programme as a whole is framed within goal number 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030: "Sustainable cities and communities". The Darro River Valley is one of the most unique geographical areas of the town, being the beginning of a historical river route towards Guadix and the Iberian southeast. It is currently in the process of being declared a Cultural Interest Asset (BIC) and it is a crucial moment to think about its present and future values.

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Sustainable Communities & Cities. SC2 Granada (Spain)


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